People-oriented/win trust with sincerity/win with quality/win the world with new

Enterprise culture

Our Idea

Culture: technology as the fundamental, to the cause of the link, to win-win for the purpose;

Pursuit: the pursuit of first-class technology, quality, service;

Customer: customer satisfaction, is our real success;

Spirit: integrity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative;

Management: improve in learning and deepen in practice;

Quality commitment: science and technology as the driving force, to do the project in good faith.

Our Ideal

With science and technology as the driving force, in good faith as the capital, the achievement of energy information integrated service providers, to create a brand.

Staff Elegance
Staff Elegance
Staff Elegance
Staff Elegance

Xinbai Group's 12 Guidelines for Being a Person and Doing Things

To be a man



Always optimistic, always upward, I always tell myself that everything is the best arrangement, either get or learn, do not get what you want, will get better!


Take on

In the face of difficulties and responsibilities, I will stand up for the first time! Because I know the true meaning of life is: the more you do, the faster you grow. The stronger the ability, the greater the achievement!



Forever open-minded, forever empty cup mentality! Don't show the mountain dew. Know the discretion! Not arrogant, can objectively look at different opinions, humbly listen to the advice of others!



In the face of life, I never indulge in fantasy, do not want to get rich overnight! In the face of work, I follow the rules, knock on details, never opportunistic, let a person feel reliable!


Filial Piety

No matter how busy you are, care about your parents' needs! No matter how hard it is, don't let our parents worry about us! No matter how tired, we must turn pressure into motivation and strive hard to get results!



Be grateful for everything around you! I am grateful for the strength of the country. achievements of the platform. Parenting, family support, team cooperation, customer support!

Do things



Take a serious attitude towards work: at any time, play your own role and separate things from feelings! Carefully handle the details of your work and never let it go!



In the face of life do not compromise, in the face of work do not cope! We insist on the goal and sprint with all our strength. In the face of difficulties and setbacks, we must also face the difficulties and do not find any reasons or excuses!



I love the industry and position I choose. I devote my efforts to theory, technology, methods and tools, and strive to master them skillfully until I become an expert!



In my work, I am diligent in thinking, regular review, and constantly optimize details and improve efficiency! In life, I continue to learn, pursue progress, and constantly update my cognition and thinking!



Give my experience, time, patience and love, no matter when and where, with all my heart, and without asking for anything in return! Always tell yourself; I am a light! Illuminate the people around!



Love work, no matter when and where, all diligent, loyal to duty! Respect customers, no matter how busy and tired, as long as customers have demand, the first time to provide value!