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We has construction equipment specializing in communication engineering, building intelligent engineering, power engineering general contracting, electronic engineering, security engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, urban and road lighting engineering, power transmission and transformation engineering, building decoration engineering and municipal public works And testing instruments, a group of professionally trained and ambitious project management personnel and construction professionals, with strong construction and maintenance technical forces. The company has 386 employees, including 48 management personnel, 86 personnel with technical secondary school education or above, and 75 technical, economic, and accounting personnel with professional titles, including communications, electronics, automation, computers, electric power, municipal administration, and construction projects. 70 personnel with technical titles, 38 personnel with engineering titles, 3 accountants, 15 constructors and small project managers, 21 design and completion data personnel. Through continuous training and learning, the company’s personnel quality The overall has been improved.


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Intelligent engineering Power Engineering Municipal public and urban lighting projects Construction and civil engineering Long distance communication project Local network project
Hai'an Wangfu Hotel Monitoring System Project Jinfeng Garden Community Distribution Network General Contracting Project Purchase and installation of street lights for lighting project in Baohe Village, Libao Town, 2017 Public Part Renovation Project of Anhui Tianzhang Water Bank China Unicom Qingdao Xiuzhen River Long-distance Optical Cable Line Project Wuxi Netcom Communication Line and Comprehensive Maintenance Project
Electronic monitoring system project of Wuxi China Resources Microelectronics Co., Ltd. NaNjing merchants LANXI valley distribution network general contracting project Yazhou Town-Yabypass roadbed, pavement and drainage projects Nanjing Greenland Window Xinbai Construction Interior Decoration Project China Unicom Yantai City Long-distance Optical Cable Line Project Suzhou Kunshan Netcom Pipeline Project and Comprehensive Maintenance Project
Intelligent system project of Haian Century Jiayuan Villa Community Nanjing Merchants Lanxi Valley Distribution Network General Contracting Project Zhima River Channel Improvement Project in Pukou District, Nanjing City Private Residence Renovation Project of Nanjing Longjiang International Apartment China Lutong Huangdao Relay Cable 216 Core Line Project Pipeline Project of Wenzhou Branch of Zhejiang Tietong Company
Monitoring audio project in Luban Park, Haian County Wanhe Family Distribution Network General Contracting Project Hai’an County Lianshen Line Pipeline Project Hai'an Tianlan Bay Phase II and Phase III Public Part Renovation Project   Urban Communication Line Project of Qingdao Communication Co., Ltd., Shandong Province
Electronic Control System Project of Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area Rugao Longyou Lake Country Garden Phase II Distribution Network General Contracting Project External Pipe Network Project of Anhui Tianzhang Water Bank Community Civil Engineering Construction General Contracting of Xinjiang Debang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.   China Unicom Qingdao Branch Urban Optical Cable Line Project




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