Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering

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The company has the qualification for general contracting of municipal public works and can undertake the construction of the following municipal public works:

(1) Urban road projects (excluding expressways); urban bridge projects with a single span less than 25 meters;

(2) Water supply plants below 80,000 tons/day; sewage treatment projects below 60,000 tons/day; water supply pumping stations below 100,000 tons/day, sewage pumping stations and rainwater pumping stations below 100,000 tons/day, Water supply pipelines less than 1 meter in diameter; sewage and reclaimed water pipelines less than 1.5 meters in diameter;

(3) Medium-pressure and low-pressure gas pipelines and pressure regulating stations below 2 kg/cm2; thermal projects with heating areas below 500,000 square meters, and thermal pipelines below 0.2 meters in diameter;

(4) Municipal solid waste treatment projects with a single contract value of less than 25 million yuan;

(5) Underground transportation projects with a single contract value of less than 20 million yuan (excluding rail transit projects);

(6) Hard pavement of urban squares and ground parking lots below 5000 square meters;

(7) Municipal comprehensive projects with a single contract value of less than 25 million yuan.

Note: 1. Municipal public works include water supply engineering, drainage engineering, gas engineering, thermal engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering, urban tunnel engineering (including mountain-crossing tunnels, subway tunnels, underground traffic engineering, underground crossings in the urban planning area) Channel), public transportation engineering, rail transportation engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, lighting engineering, greening engineering.

2. Municipal comprehensive engineering refers to any two or more projects including urban roads and bridges, water supply, drainage, reclaimed water, gas, heat, electricity, communications, lighting, etc.

3. Professional titles related to municipal engineering include professional titles such as roads and bridges, water supply and drainage, structure, electromechanical, and gas.

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