Power Engineering

Power Engineering

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Our company has the power facility installation (repair, test) license issued by the Jiangsu Regulatory Office of the National Energy Administration, and the power engineering general contracting and power transmission and transformation engineering professional contracting qualifications. The power engineering general contracting business mainly includes the power transmission and transformation engineering general contracting and Two types of electrical test products.

◆ Transmission and transformation

Implementation of 35KV and below power transmission line projects, substation (distribution room, switching station, temporary substation) new construction, expansion and transformation of the whole process or several stages of contracting, can provide installation, plan, design, drawing review, equipment , Construction, testing, acceptance, power transmission and other stages and the whole process.

◆ Electrical test

Including handover test and preventive electrical test. The handover test is an important link to determine whether the project is energized and put into operation after the completion of the project installation. The result of the handover test must be issued with a written test report, which is usually carried out simultaneously with the construction and renovation of the project; preventive In order to discover the hidden dangers of the equipment in operation and prevent accidents or equipment damage, the inspection, test or monitoring of the equipment is an important link in the operation and maintenance of power equipment, and it is one of the effective means to ensure the safe operation of power equipment .

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